Meaningful trip for Dhamma School teenagers

Meaningful trip for Dhamma School teenagers

We are truly grateful to all our friends in Johor Bahru for their kind hospitality. We wish Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch continuous success in their community outreach.

On 2 to 4 December, Nalanda Dhamma School students and facilitators embarked on a study tour to Johor Bahru to strengthen their understanding of Buddhist practices, different  traditions and experience Dhamma living. Over just three days, they visited monasteries and museums in southern Malaysia and had the opportunity to cultivate dāna, sīla and bhavana.

Venerable Lee of Santi Forest Monastery inspired the students when he explained the practices of forest monks; their determination and discipline is steadfast as they walk the Noble Eightfold Path. The group also visited Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si, where they gained a better understanding of the Mahayana Tradition and learned how to uphold the “Three Goodness” in daily life – right speech, wholesome conducts and good thoughts.

Bro. David Yap, Chairman of Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch, welcomed facilitators & students.

Nalandians offering robes and requisites to Venerable Lee at Santi Forest Monastery.

Facilitators and students are on hand to serve members of the Sangha at the lunch dana for monks in Santi Forest Monastery.

We are grateful for the insightful visit to Santi Forest Monastery.

At Fo Guang Shan Hsingma Si, students learned about the Three Goodness.

Hsingma Si tour guide brought students around and explained the significance of the exhibits.

In the final part of the tour, students embarked on a race that explored the streets in Johor Bahru town to learn about the local history and rich Chinese heritage.  Whilst the teenagers  had an enjoyable time on this trip, they also learned to work together well and built stronger bonds of friendship with each other.

We thank our Dhamma School facilitators and Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch Committee for all your efforts and commitment in making this study tour a wholesome and memorable experience for everyone.  Sadhu anumodana!

Thank you to Venerables and volunteers in Hsingma Si for kindly hosting us.

Dhamma School Facilitators conducted a separate workshop for students at the same time, and shared ways to build confidence and courage.

Facilitators also conducted regular reflection sessions with the students to enhance their learning.

During meal times, students took the opportunity to offer their service and assistance.

During the communal meals, the group reflected on the wholesome value of gratitude.

The ‘Explore Race’ began at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Students had to find answers and complete mission as they go around the town.

Students reading the details of exhibits in Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum to search for answers and understand the history.

One of the missions is to learn the Tamil language from a stranger, a fun experience indeed!

On the way back to Klang Valley, each student took turns to share their reflection. We rejoice over their learning spirit and wholesome aspiration.