Meditation complements Education

Meditation complements Education

Standard 4 students starting their class with calm, mindful breathing.

Nalanda Free School classes started last week with 250 registered students so far.  By March, we expect the number to exceed 400, as some classes are still open for registration at both Nalanda Centre and NEO Centre Happy Garden.

One of the first lessons for the students at Nalanda Free School is “Mindful Meditation”.  Teachers and students start their lessons with 5 to 10 minutes of observing their breath with mindful awareness.  This simple exercise calms and clears their minds, and settles everyone in for a productive learning experience.

Nalanda Free School volunteer teacher Nicholas Khong teaching Form 5 Biology.

Since the introduction of meditation in January 2013, teachers and students have reported great benefits and progress in their ability to concentrate and resolve problems.  They also reported better memory and longer attention span.  We wish everyone at Nalanda Free School joyful learning and smooth progress in 2014!