Meditation course in Johor Bahru

Meditation course in Johor Bahru

On a few occasions, Bro. Tan will be in Johor Bahru to personally lead the meditation sessions.

With growing interest in meditation and spiritual cultivation, Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Johor Bahru started a 3-month meditation course in April.  Sessions were held every Wednesday evening, serving as a platform for communal learning and practice.

The course organisers were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful response from the community.  Starting with just a dozen people in April, participation had grown steadily to reach 50 meditators by July!

The number of participants grew steadily over the months from when the course started.

Besides learning from video recordings, Bro. Tan also periodically travelled to Johor Bahru to guide the meditators in person, providing them with practical advice and strengthening their confidence in meditation.

Bro. Tan also praised the discipline and determination which he observed among the practitioners.  We rejoice over the wholesome efforts of our friends at NEO Centre Johor Bahru.  May everyone continue to progress in this noble path of Dhamma.

Besides sitting, participants were also taught meditation in the standing posture.