Meditation Retreat guided by Ayya Susīla

Meditation Retreat guided by Ayya Susīla

7 – 8 April 2012

Meditation Retreat

Garbed in saffron robes, with head cleanly shaven and a gentle smile on her lips, Ayya Susīla casts a picture of quiet beatitude that exudes great inspiration to the 35 participants sitting in meditation with her during the 2-day, 1-night meditation retreat at Nalanda Centre.

Held over the Easter weekend of 7-8 April, from 9am till 6pm the following day, the retreat aimed at promoting mental well-being greatly benefited the participants who observed 8 precepts throughout, and learnt about Anapanasati (meditation on breathing) on the first day, and Vipassana (insight meditation) the next day.

Despite experiencing a few hours of electricity supply disruption on the first day, the yogis carried on meditating diligently, their hearts still, unfazed by the unexpected change in the environment. During interview sessions, they had their doubts clarified by Ayya, who motivated them to happily put more effort into their practice in daily life.