Meditation retreat with Ven. Ajahn Pavaro

Meditation retreat with Ven. Ajahn Pavaro

Retreatants are thankful for the opportunity to learn from Ven. Ajahn Pavaro.

From 9 to 11 March, 40 devotees and volunteers checked in at Wisdom Park for a meditation retreat conducted by Ven. Ajahn Pavaro.  He gave instructions to retreatants on their practice before they alternated between hourly sitting and walking meditation, and over the next three days held daily ‘Q&A’ sessions to address their questions.

Ajahn used the simile of gardening and likened it to our meditation practice, whereby obtaining the right guidance about meditation is like preparing the soil for planting.  Our effort in the establishment of mindfulness will reap results in time, just as a gardener who provides the right conditions consistently – the seeds will germinate and grow on their own.

The retreat started with taking of the Three Refuges and Five Precepts.

Participants pay their respects to Ven. Ajahn Pavaro.

“Our duty is very simple, to have mindfulness and observe our breathing.”

“When we are switching postures, do it slowly with mindfulness, have continuity in our mindfulness with every movement.”

Ajahn reminded everyone to have gratitude in mind for all the right conditions that enable us to join this retreat.

We extend our appreciation to Ajahn Pavaro for guiding us in this retreat and wish him good health to continue in his noble endeavours.  Following Ajahn’s advise, let us always have gratitude in our heart for all the supporting conditions we are blessed with to walk the spiritual path, and strive towards the lasting peace of Nibbana.

In the evening, Ajahn led the retreatants in chanting.

Ajahn answered questions candidly and compassionately.

Participants are able to relay their experience and ask questions to clear their doubts.

Leaders from BGF also offered lunch dana to Ajahn, on their leadership exchange trip to Wisdom Park.

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