Meet-the-Author Session

11 March 2012

Meet-the-Author Session

An Interactive Discussion with Dr. David R. Loy,
author of “The Great Awakening – A Buddhist Social Theory

Dr. Loy began his sharing by saying that the Buddha was a great social revolutionary who advocated egalitarianism during His time in India. Regardless of caste or social status, once ordained and entered the Sangha community, one shed his/her identity and strives only for enlightenment from cycles of birth and death. To the people of India at that time, it was such a revolutionary movement and a great social awakening.

Can that miracle of social awakening happen in today’s society? It is indeed a deep, thought-provoking question with no simple answer(s).

Dr. Loy shared with us how the three evil roots of greed, hatred and delusion are institutionalized, and gave examples of how big institutions and corporations are motivated by the three evil roots, and hence nurture consumerism. Questions asked from the audience ranged from personal practice to collective effort to combat unhealthy social influences. The session was interactive, and the participants learnt and gained much from the sharing by Dr. Loy.