Meeting of TBCM Monastic Advisors

The meeting of monastic advisors, Bro.Tan, TBCM councillors, and TBCM Think Tank member.

On Thursday 5 April, the Monastic Advisory Panel (MAP) of the Theravāda Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) met for the first time since its establishment.  The meeting held at Bandar Utama Buddhist Society was called by the MAP to discuss an upcoming Sangha gathering in July.

The MAP consists of five senior bhikkhus – Ven. Sri Saranankara Nāyaka Thero (Abbot of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Kuala Lumpur); Ven. Phra Khru Udomdhammpariban (Abbot of Wat Uttamaram, Pasir Mas, Kelantan); Ven. Aggacitta Mahathero (Abbot of Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Taiping); Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathero (Abbot of Vihāra Buddha Gotama, Temoh, Perak); and Ven. Jutipañño Mahathero (Abbot of Dhamma-Light Meditation Centre, Api-Api, Johor).

The meeting was called to order by Ven. Sri Saranankara, and chaired by Ven. Aggacitta.

Also attending the meeting were Nalanda founder Bro.Tan who was the Advisor to TBCM, Council President, Deputy President, Honorary Secretary and councillors, as well as TBCM Think Tank Member Achariya S. Vijaya.

Following this meeting, TBCM was entrusted to host and sponsor a gathering of Malaysian Theravāda Sangha members to be held in July before the beginning of ‘Vassana’ (Rains Retreat) period.  Sadhu anumodana.

Bro.Tan with TBCM councillors (from left) Bro. B.H. Lim, Bro. K.C. Lee, and Bro. T.K. Teoh.

Bro.Tan paying respects to Ven. Dhammavuddho before departing.