Meeting with Parents of Free School Students

Meeting with Parents of Free School Students

Parents listening attentively to the sharing by Nalanda Free School Chief Co-ordinator Sis. Nandini.

Nalanda Free School (NFS) officers held a meeting with some parents on Sunday 19 January for a brief introduction to the entire Free School programme.  The meeting also aimed to provide a platform for parents to give their feedback and observations.

Chief Co-ordinator of NFS, Sis. Nandini Tan, stated that the School’s focus is on building students’ character besides ensuring their academic improvement.  A well-educated person is one who has the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate successfully through life.

Parents took the opportunity to seek useful parenting tips from NFS volunteer counsellors – Sis. Nandini (right), Bro. Yong Chin (centre), and Sis. Sook Cheng (left) - during lunch time.

Sis. Nandini also shared that intrinsic values are imparted to students through various programmes conducted at NFS.  Concurrent to the meeting, students also had a fun and enriching session in the next room learning about good values through video clips.

We look forward to working closely with the parents in nurturing our students to become learned, well-balanced, and noble individuals. May all of us have a fruitful year ahead!