Members’ Day in June

Members’ Day in June

Founder Bro. Tan briefing Nalanda members about the progress of ‘Wisdom Park’ project.

On Saturday 17 June, Nalanda members came together for the monthly members’ meeting to deliberate and discuss matters involving the Society.  During the gathering, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan advised that in whatever we do, we should have willpower, unity and harmony – these factors contribute to the success of the Buddha-Sāsana.

In order to serve the Sāsana well, mental stability is an important element.  In fact, this stability is crucial in everything that we do – even in the process of ageing.  Although many people may think that ageing is a troublesome process, it can be experienced meaningfully when we continuous cultivate our minds.

Bro. Ajita Lim leading members in paying homage to the Three Jewels.

Nalanda officers then gave updates on the progress of the Society’s key projects – ‘Wisdom Park’ and ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’. Members were also briefed about upcoming flagship events such as the WACANA Buddhist Conference and the 2017 Family Fun Fair.

Ven. Dhammavuddho Maha Thera and Ven. Khantipalo dropped in at the gathering.

Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn and Deputy President Bro. Charlie presenting donation to the Sangha Fund of Vihara Buddha Gotama in Temoh headed by Ven. Dhammavuddho.

Bro. Tan and Nalandian officers sending Ven. Dhammavuddho off after their brief visit.

With many wholesome efforts put forth, may we continue to be successful in our noble mission in providing proper and holistic Buddhist education, so that more can achieve happiness and well-being through the Dhamma.  Sadhu!

Members of Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch having a photograph with Bro. Tan.