Memorable moments with a spiritual teacher

Memorable moments with a spiritual teacher

Birthday celebration for Ven. Gunaratana during offering of lunch dana.

On Friday 29 November, many devotees came from near and far, joyously offered lunch dāna to Ven. Dr. Gunaratana at Nalanda House.  As the Venerable’s 86th birthday is approaching next week, we took this opportunity to celebrate Bhante’s birthday in advance, not with one birthday cake, but with two! 

Ven. Gunaratana giving blessings to everyone present.

Venerable Dr. Gunaratana graciously expressed his joy to be in Malaysia, for all the love, care and hospitality showered upon him by devotees, donors, supporters and attendants. Venerable reiterated his ‘ovada’ on the importance of ‘protecting the Dhamma in order for the Dhamma to protect us’ with blessings given to everyone present.

Nalandians and devotees seeking forgiveness from Ven. Gunaratana.

Nalandians and devotees formally seeked forgiveness from Bhante before he left for Singapore after the lunch dāna.  We wish Bhante good health, long life, peace and happiness; and have a safe journey to Singapore and onward journey to West Virginia, USA.

‘Bhante G’ leaving for Singapore. May ‘Bhante G’ have a safe and pleasant journey.

Nalanda wishes to thank all devotees, donors, supporters, attendants and volunteers who helped make Bhante’s stay at Nalanda House pleasant and peaceful.  Sadhu Anumodana!