Memorial Service for MH370 with Ven. Seelananda

Memorial Service for MH370 with Ven. Seelananda

Ven. Seelananda delivered a Dhamma Talk at the Memorial Service of the MH370 tragedy.

On Sunday 8 March, Nalandians and devotees congregated to observe the 1st anniversary of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s mysterious disappearance over the Indian Ocean.  Venerable Seelananda Maha Thero, Deputy Abbot of Bhāvanā Society, West Virginia, USA, graced the occasion with an insightful Dhamma talk.

Ven. Seelananda reminded everyone about the impermanence of life and reinforced the urgency to practise in order to stop this “Samsaric cycle of rebecoming”.  Bhante emphasised the importance of meditation – both ‘samatha’ and ‘vipassana’ – in order to obtain concentration and see things as they really are in the form of ‘Anicca’ (impermanence), ‘Dukkha’ (suffering), and ‘Anatta’ (non-self).

Honorary Secretary Bro. Pee (3rd from left) and Director of Nalanda Centre Sis. Nandini (2nd from left) receiving Ven. Seelananda in the Reception Room.

Relating to the impermanence of existence, Ven. Seelananda advised everyone to see life just like a clay pot; when it is moulded, we know its fragility and it is only a matter of time before it breaks. Similarly, our life is ‘fragile’ and it is only a matter of time before it ends; hence there is no need to grief over it, but only the need to reflect.

Devotees respectfully listening to the recitation of blessings.

With this insightful Dhamma talk and lunch offerings, devotees spent a meaningful day at Nalanda Centre and thereafter dedicated merits to the casualties of MH370 and their families. May they be at Peace.

After lunch, Ven. Seelananda had a Dhamma discussion with Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan and devotees.