Meritorious deeds at monthly Pindacāra

Meritorious deeds at monthly Pindacāra

Lay devotees offering food to Sangha members with generosity and a happy heart.

On Saturday 1 February, devotees gathered at the Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden markets to volunteer in the monthly community outreach programme, ‘Pindacāra’ (monks going on alms-round).  This programme enables the community to learn how to support Sangha members and provides a platform for them to do meritorious deeds.

In eager anticipation, many market-goers have faithfully prepared their offerings and were waiting patiently for the arrival of the monks.  At the same time, volunteers engage the general crowd about this practice so that they can participate with better understanding.  Stall operators also eagerly await to present their offerings of fruits and cooked food.

Families also take the opportunity to offer food to the Sangha together.

Male volunteers follow the venerable monks mindfully to collect the food and requisites offered.

As the community offer requisites, they also wish the monks well on their spiritual journey.

Volunteers rejoice when they witness the generosity of devotees.

At NEO Centre K.L., devotees and volunteers offer lunch dāna to the venerable monks.

After the alms-round, everyone gathered at NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur for a Dhamma sharing and offered lunch dāna to the venerable monks.  We thank all devotees and volunteers for their participation and support.  Let us rejoice in their generosity and wholesome actions.