Nalanda Building Progress – 150th day

Nalanda Building Progress – 150th day

The ‘Building Expansion Project’ should be completed by end-November in time for major events.

Today marks the 150th day since the Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project began.  The new roof structure was installed last week, and work is progressing well on all levels.  The Building Committee is working hard to ensure the earlier hand-over of Levels 2 and 3 so as to facilitate the hosting of major upcoming events such as “Sangha Day”, holiday camps, and members’ convention.

Level 2 would be handed over to Nalanda earlier to facilitate the hosting of year-end programmes.

Nalanda’s Building Fund still faces a shortfall of RM482,000.  We would like to appeal for your funding and support towards this noble project.  Donations and sponsorships of any amount are most welcome in the name of “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.

We thank everyone for your continued good wishes and support for the building expansion project.   We hope to complete this project safely, successfully, and satisfactorily.  With deep appreciation and mettā!

Electrical workers were busy fixing the LED lights at the Level 3 corridor and Exhibition Hall.