Nalanda Building Progress – 180th day

The plumbing system was being tested at the Level 2 lavatory of the annex building.

Yesterday marked the 180th day since the Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project began in mid-May.  The scaffolding and netting which ‘wrapped around’ the front of the annex building was removed just a few days ago, “unveiling” the façade of the reconstructed building for the first time in almost 6 months!

Overall, work on the building extension is 90% completed, while the remaining work is progressing accordingly and is expected to be completed by late December, a slight delay of weeks.  Currently work is mainly concentrated on Level 4 electrical wiring and ceiling.

The façade of the reconstructed building was 'unveiled' days ago for the first time in almost 6 months.

Donations and sponsorships of any amount towards the project are most welcome, in the name of beneficiary – “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.  We thank everyone for your continued good wishes and contribution towards the building expansion project.  We look forward to completing the Centre very soon to benefit the community even more!  With deep appreciation and mettā.

Work is progressing at the back elevation of the building.

Workers were busy plastering the parapet wall at the front balcony.