Nalanda Centre Expansion – 50% mark surpassed

Work is progressing on the upper floors of the building, with Level 4 gradually taking shape.

Today marks the 105th day work began on the Nalanda Centre Expansion Project.  We are glad and thankful to share that to date, 52% of the overall work has been successfully completed.  Work is progressing rapidly on the upper floors of the building, with the Level 4 Dhamma Hall gradually taking shape.

The void deck at Level 4 of the existing Meditation Hall is being covered over.

Several rooms, including the Srivijaya Seminar Hall, Training Room, and ‘Kataha’ Reception Room have been closed to facilitate links between the existing building and the annex.  The void deck on Level 4 has also been covered over.  The balcony at the back of the building is demolished to make way for a new monk’s resting area.  We appreciate your continued support and good wishes for the project!

Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Progress on 27 August.