Nalanda Free School Honours & Appreciation Day

Students jubilant after the medal presentation ceremony.

On 2 November, students of Nalanda Free School, parents and volunteer teachers filled the Srivijaya Hall at Level 3 to attend the School Honours & Appreciation Day.  As the 2014 school year had come to an end, this is the occasion to pay tribute to the achievements of the students.  4 categories of awards were presented to students from each class after careful evaluation by their teachers.  The awards were the “Full Attendance Award”, “Best Student Award”, “Most Improved Student Award” and the “Most Enthusiastic Learner Award”.

Nalanda Free School Chief Coordinator, Sis. Nandini sharing her thoughts with the students and parents.

During this joyous ceremony, students, parents and teachers enjoyed themselves with songs performed by students and wonderful sharing by some teachers.  Indeed, the volunteering spirit, guidance and care shown by the teachers were truly remarkable and most inspiring.  Thank you, dearest teachers!  May our students continue to work hard in pursuing academic excellence, while not forgetting the importance of right values and cultural refinement that would enhance their lives!  Sadhu anumodana.

A group of very dedicated volunteer teachers.