Nalanda Officers’ Workshop (N.O.W.)

Nalanda Officers’ Workshop (N.O.W.)

The first Nalanda Officers’ Workshop (N.O.W.) for 2013 was held on Saturday, 13 July at our spiritual home – Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang. 64 Nalanda officers from 5 divisions and 4 branches (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, and Kedah) took part in this workshop.

Nalandian officers gathered at 9.00am for Puja and Invocation. President Bro. Lee Kong Foo thereafter ‘launched’ the workshop by encouraging all officers to be mindful of their roles in maintaining a dynamic, progressive, and harmonious organisational culture.

This day-long programme included 2 sharing sessions by Founder Bro. Tan, who commented on the roles of officers in supporting Nalanda’s education mission. Bro. Tan also advised all officers to consistently cultivate themselves spiritually to ensure personal growth, and to sharpen their knowledge and skills as a “good practitioner” and a “good friend”.

Mr. S. Vijaya sharing his thoughts about personal focus and development.

There were also sessions for group discussions and presentations. These were followed by a summarizing talk by Mr. S. Vijaya, the Director of Nalanda Institute. Honorary Secretary Sis. Buddhini, Managers Sis. Joanne and Sis. Evelyn, and Deputy President Bro. Lee Teck Beng then took turns to brief everyone on administrative and fund-raising matters.

Officers provide crucial leadership to the many volunteers that serve at Nalanda. They are the backbones of the organization. With this excellent workshop, the strength of our backbones has just been given a boost! We thank all Nalandian officers for coming all the way from the North and South, as well as for taking part actively and enthusiastically in this workshop. Carry on your duties with diligence!