Nalanda Youths’ Fuel-up camp

Nalanda Youths posing for a photograph enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze.

Over the weekend from 28 – 30 November, Nalanda Youth officers went to Bagan Lalang for their first retreat titled ‘Fuel-Up Camp’.  During the three-day retreat, they ‘fueled-up’ on energy and spirit to gear up for next year.

This Camp gave them the opportunity to strengthen their friendship and bonding through reflections, sharing and a fun-filled “explorace” activity.  Planning for next year’s activities saw the youths fostering good teamwork and co-operation.

Nalanda Youths visiting theTanjong Sepat Buddhist Society.

It was indeed a fruitful retreat as our youths spent this short time learning and growing together, practising the Dhamma in the spirit of true friendship.  They returned with renewed aspirations and ‘fueled-up’ to another exciting year.

Youths brainstorming on their strengths and weaknesses.