Nalanda’s 9th AGM

11 March 2012

Nalanda’s 9th AGM

Nalandians vote for Continuity

The 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia was held on 11 March, at the Srivijaya Hall, Nalanda Centre. The highlight of the AGM was the passing of two important resolutions – to allow the setting up of branches, and the acquisition of potential properties for future expansion.

Nalandians also voted in a new Management Committee for 2012-2013, but retained the key offices of President, Vice President and Honorary Secretary. As such, the members have voted for continuity, and by extension, endorsed the Transformation Programme currently being implemented.

President Lee Kong Foo expressed Nalanda’s appreciation and gratitude to the outgoing Management Committee (2011-2012) for their support and contributions to the Society. He also congratulated and welcomed the newly elected officers for the 2012-2013 term.

In reminding Nalandians, Bro Lee said, “…the Society has embarked on a 20-month Transformation Programme since 1 May 2011, and I believe we would be able to continue and execute the programme effectively until December 2012. We should stay focused on our mission and realign our priorities in enhancing the five focal areas, namely – Structure, People, Resources, Systems and Facilities. We sincerely hope that you will continue to extend your support to the Society so that further growth and progress can be achieved for the benefit of the entire Buddhist community.”

Nalanda Buddhist Society Management Committee 2012-2013
President : Bro Lee Kong Foo
Vice President : Bro Lee Teck Beng
Honorary Secretary : Sis Buddhini Tan
Assistant Secretary : Sis Sandra Yang
Honorary Treasurer : Sis May Wong
Assistant Treasurer : Sis Felicia Khoo
Managers : Sis Evelyn Chow
Sis Ruby Tan
Sis Chooi Kum Ying
Sis Gioh Gik Choo
Bro Charlie Teng
Auditors : Bro Tan Thian Khoon
Sis Chen Lee Yong


Sis Buddhini Tan


“During this term, we would like to formally establish the Secretariat Team and gear all our programmes towards Nalanda’s transformation goals.”

– Sis Buddhini Tan
Honorary Secretary


Nalanda’s 9th AGM

Rare Appearance at AGM

Nalanda’s Founder Bro. Tan surprised many members when he made a rare appearance at the Society’s 9th AGM. It was the first time in many years that he attended a General Meeting. Arriving to a warm welcome, Bro Tan gave an inspiring sharing on Nalandian Culture.

Paying tribute to the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami a year ago (incidently, 11 March was the first anniversary of the disaster that struck Eastern Japan), Bro Tan praised the resilience and fortitude of the Japanese people in accepting and overcoming the tragedy. He urged Nalandians to also embrace faith, conviction, resilience and fortitude as part of the organizational culture, and in training to become compassionate missionaries.

Bro Tan also paid tribute to all Nalandian officers and volunteers for their contributions to the Buddhist mission, saying to the members, “I feel honoured to be here today amongst the most committed Buddhists in Malaysia.”

On behalf of Nalanda members, Bro Lee Kong Foo thanked Bro Tan for his presence and for being an inspiration to many people throughout the years, and wished him the best of health.