Nalandians observe ‘Samaggi Day’

Nalandians observe ‘Samaggi Day’


Bro. Tan giving Dhamma teachings on how to live a wholesome life.

On Sunday 30 August, Nalandians in their white shirt and sarong attire, came together at Nalanda Centre for ‘Samaggi Day’, which falls on the last Sunday of every month.  “Samaggi”, which means unity and harmony, is a Pāli word and an important Buddhist principle.

Beginning the day, Bro. Tan paid tribute to a member of Nalanda, Sis. Ooi Sock Khoong, who passed away recently.  Bro. Tan recalled how Sis. Sock Khoong had lived a fruitful life practising Dhamma, and having the support of many family members and friends, passed away peacefully. Bro. Tan then shared with Nalandians and devotees on how to live a wholesome life.


Nalandians and devotees calming the mind with meditation.

‘Kamma’ determines whether beings are born high in the happy realms, or low in the disadvantaged realms.  ‘Kamma’ is our life-long activity and cultivation.  If we live a wholesome life, our ‘kamma’ from cultivation will support us to be reborn in a happier realm after death.

Bro. Tan also urged parents to guide their children to live a wholesome life from young.  There are two very important factors, namely (1) holistic education; and (2) leadership by example.  In showing leadership to children, we learn to lead a proper life as well as to be responsible, upright and integral.


Everyone performing Pūja (offerings to the ‘Three Jewels’) mindfully.

A representative from the Board of Management, Sis. Mei Yee, delivered a message thanking all volunteers, sponsors, stall operators and visitors for supporting the recent Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’.  It was very inspiring to see many Nalandians and devotees working in unity and harmony as part of their spiritual cultivation.  She also urged everyone to step forward and support the noble mission of developing Wisdom Park for a brighter future for the Buddhist community.  Sadhu!


Assistant Treasurer, Sis. Mei Yee, urging everyone to step forward and support the noble mission of developing Wisdom Park.