New Board of Management Elected at A.G.M.

New Board of Management Elected at A.G.M.

Founder Bro.Tan congratulating the newly-elected Board Members after the A.G.M.

At Nalanda Buddhist Society’s 12th Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) held on 8 March 2015, Nalanda members elected a new Board of Management to lead and oversee the Society’s continued growth and development.  Heading the Board of Management is Sis. Evelyn Chow, who was elected Nalanda’s fourth leader and first female President.  Bro. Charlie Teng was elected the Deputy President, while Bro. Pee Che Yong is the new Honorary Secretary.  Sis. Margaret Ng was appointed the Honorary Treasurer.

The newly-elected as well as outgoing Board Members meeting with Bro.Tan for discussions and advice.

The outgoing and newly-elected Boards of Management later met with Founder Bro. Tan for general discussions and to seek his advice.  Bro. Tan thanked the outgoing Board for their invaluable services over the past few years.  He also congratulated the new Board Members for their commitment and eagerness to serve the Society and community.

The full Board of Management for 2015 – 2017 is as follows:

President : Sis. Evelyn Chow
Deputy President : Bro. Charlie Teng
Honorary Secretary : Bro. Pee Che Yong
Honorary Treasurer : Sis. Margaret Ng
Assistant Secretary : Sis. Mudita Chan
Assistant Treasurer : Sis. Chan Mei Yee
Board Members : Sis. Joyce Lim, Bro. Lee Kong Foo, Bro. Louis Chan, Bro. Vincent Lee, Sis. Santi Cheang


Nalanda's President and Honorary Secretary having a meeting with their predecessors together with Bro. Tan for handing over of duties.

We wish the new Board of Management much joy, progress, and success in leading Nalanda forward and upward!  Sadhu.