New Director of Nalanda Institute appointed

New Director of Nalanda Institute appointed

Achariya Tan Siang Chye assumes the Directorship of Nalanda Institute Malaysia on 1 July 2014.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Achariya Tan Siang Chye as the third Director of Nalanda Institute Malaysia, effective 1 July 2014, for a 3-year term.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye began learning Buddha-Dhamma at the age of twelve at the Brickfields Buddhist Māha Vihāra, learning from the late Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thero, and Ven. Dr. H. Gunaratana Nayaka Thero.  He was the former Chairman of the Buddhist Missionary Society Youth Section, and a former Sunday Dhamma School teacher.  He also served as the head of Dhammaduta Sub-committee at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye has been a member of Nalanda Institute’s faculty since its inception in 2007.  He had given many lectures under the Department of Buddhist & Pāli Studies , and conducted management training under the Department of Leadership & Management Studies.

All Nalandians wish him a joyful and successful tenure as Director!