New Year’s Eve Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

New Year’s Eve Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

At 11 pm on 31 December 2019, devotees gathered to ‘calm down’ to the New Year.

Delivered by Bro. Charlie Teng, Deputy President

On this night of 31 December, we are very happy to have so many good friends here to complete the year of 2019 and welcome 2020 in a meaningful way.  In this last hour of the year, let us take some time to reflect on how we have spent our time, and see if it was well spent.  What have we given our time to, what have we neglected?  Is there any time spent that we have just a little regret about, or maybe a lot of regret about?  Just a few days ago during the Sunday Service, Bro. Tan advised us that time is the only thing that cannot be earned once spent.

Time is our enemy if we do not spend it well and take it for granted.  Many people always want more time, and complain that there isn’t enough time.  But time can become our teacher if we use it to develop our wisdom by learning and practising Dhamma, as well as in selfless service.  Time can be our friend if we use every moment meaningfully and gain peace in our thoughts, speech and action.

So friends, let us think about how we have spent our time in the past year.  Let us think about how we can improve on how we spend this precious time, because every on of us do not know how much of it we have left.  Let us not just think about it, but have the resolution to act on it because this will benefit not just ourselves but those around us.

At this time, we should also reflect and have a lot of gratitude for the support given by our teachers, parents, family members and friends.  They have provided us with good supporting conditions for us to be healthy, well and to learn Dhamma.  We must take time to thank them personally and also provide them with our support however we can.  When we fill our hearts with gratitude, we strengthen our loving-kindness and compassion for others.

On behalf of Nalanda Buddhist Society, I would also like to express our gratitude to our teachers, benefactors, supporters, members and volunteers for their support which enable the Society’s educational programmes to reach the community.  It has been a very meaningful year for the Society and we look forward to continue doing our part for Buddha-Sāsana during the opportune time.  May all of us have the right conditions and the right aspirations to continue our spiritual progress towards liberation from suffering, and to serve the Sāsana so that it may long endure.

Brothers and Sisters, once again, I thank all of you for being here tonight, and our gratitude also goes out to all the nameless, faceless and selfless benefactors of the Sāsana.  We wish all of you a blessed New Year.  Thank you and Sukhihontu.