Notice of 15th Annual General Meeting of Nalanda members

Notice of 15th Annual General Meeting of Nalanda members

File photograph of Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn Chow giving her address at the 14th AGM in 2017.

Namo Buddhaya!  Nalanda Buddhist Society’s Board of Management would like to extend our appreciation towards our members’ unfailing support and immense contribution to the Society throughout 2017.

We are pleased to invite all Nalanda members registered at Sri Serdang headquarters to attend the 15th Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) to be held on Sunday, 25 March 2018, 2.00pm, at Nalanda Centre.  The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

(1)   Invocation for meeting and Observance of Five Precepts

(2)   To receive and approve minutes of the 14th A.G.M. held on 12 March 2017

(3)   To receive and approve minutes of the E.G.M. held on 11 November 2017

(4)   To approve the Honorary Secretary’s Annual Report

(5)   To approve the Honorary Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report

(6)   To elect two Honorary Internal Auditors for the 2018-2019 term


Copies of the “Notice of the 15th A.G.M.”, minutes of the 14th Annual General Meeting, minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.) held on 11 November 2017, the Annual Report, and the 2017 Financial Report are available for your scrutiny at the Management Office; they have also been sent to members through e-mail.

We look forward to welcome all members back to our spiritual home at Nalanda Centre for this important annual meeting in two weeks’ time.  Thank you.

Sis. Santī Cheang

Honorary Secretary