Obituary – Venerable E. Indaratana

May the late Venerable E. Indaratana attain the highest bliss of Nibbāna.

It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing away of Most Venerable Elgiriya Indaratana Maha Thera early this morning.  He was the abbot of Mahindārama Buddhist Temple, the oldest Sri Lankan Vihāra in Penang.

Venerable Indaratana was appointed the abbot of Mahindārama Buddhist Temple in 1995, after the passing of his teacher and the previous incumbent, Venerable Sri Pandit Pemaratana Nāyaka Thera.  Under Ven. Indaratana’s  leadership, Mahindārama saw many significant changes especially in providing welfare services, including the establishment of Amata Free Medical & Diabetic Centre and Sarana Old Folks’ Home.

In May 2018, Venerable Indaratana announced that he was going to donate his body to Universiti Malaya after his death for scientific and medical studies.  He wanted to contribute to the welfare of society even after his demise – a rare and noble gift to humanity from a humble Buddhist monk.

Nalanda Buddhist Society extends our deep condolence to the disciples, students and devotees of the late Venerable E. Indaratana, as well as to the Management of Mahindārama Buddhist Temple.  We wish the late Maha Thera favourable conditions to attain the highest bliss of Nibbāna.  Sotthi.