Offering dāna to Ven. Gunaratana

Devotees offering breakfast to Ven. Gunaratana and Ven. Mangala.

Devotees offering breakfast to Ven. Gunaratana and Ven. Mangala in the early morning.

Venerable Sri Pandita Dr. Henepola Gunaratana and Venerable Mangala from the United States have been residing happily at Nalanda Centre since they arrived last Saturday.  We would like to thank devotees who came to offer food and requisites for the venerables’ comfortable abiding here.

Ven. Gunaratana and Ven. Mangala will be leaving Nalanda on Friday afternoon.  We invite you to take this wonderful opportunity to join us in offering them breakfast dāna at 7.00am and lunch dāna at 11.30am, on Thursday (14 January) and Friday (15 January).  You may bring along cooked vegetarian food or fruits as offering, and arrive at Nalanda Centre before those stated times.

Incidentally, 15 January also marks the 61st anniversary of Ven. Gunaratana’s departure from Sri Lankan soil, and thus starting his long, illustrious career as an old-school Theravadin missionary monk who is steep in Buddhist tradition and rich in Dhamma-knowledge.  His missionary career has brought him to India, Malaysia and now to North America.  Let us come together in honour of such qualities in a monk that have been the hallmark of successful Dhamma propagators for 26 centuries!