One-day training for volunteers

Volunteer Centre officer Sis. Queenie welcoming Nalandians to the induction programme.

The Nalanda Volunteer Centre (VC) was formally established on 1 May 2017 with the objective of engaging and growing our volunteer force.  A ‘Volunteer Induction Programme’ was organised on 29 July for regular volunteers to strengthen the spirit and culture of community service.

During the day-long programme, the Director of Volunteer Centre Sis. Buddhini and Director of Training Sis. Paruadi took turns to present volunteer guidelines and facilitate group discussions.  Volunteers were able to learn more about their areas of service and foster closer bonds with fellow volunteers.

Nalanda volunteers enjoying wholesome fun and strong camaraderie throughout the day.

In alignment with Nalanda’s mission of ‘Holistic Education for Integral Human Development’, one’s cultivation and achievement of overall well-being is the epitome of successful transformation.  Having internalised the Eight Core Values and attained balance and happiness in their lives, Nalanda volunteers can then strive to help others achieve similar success.