Induction Programme

12 September 2022

Start of Dhamma learning journey

Since 7 August, 35 new Buddhists and parents of new Dhamma School students have been learning fundamental Buddhist teachings, aspects of Buddhist culture and etiquette to start their Dhamma learning journey in ‘Svagatam Inspiring Programme'.

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10 September 2017

One-day training for volunteers

The Nalanda Volunteer Centre (VC) was formally established on 1 May 2017 with the objective of engaging and growing our volunteer force.  A ‘Volunteer Induction Programme’ was organised on 29 July for regular volunteers to strengthen the spirit and culture of community service.

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10 February 2016

Expressing gratitude to the family 

On Sunday 31 January, Bro. Aggaphala Yap conducted the third session of the ‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme, continuing the Dhamma theme on ‘Sāmaggī’ (concord) within the family.

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29 January 2016

Introduction to Buddhist etiquette

On Sunday 24 January, parents of Dhamma School students and devotees who were new to Nalanda Centre attended the second session of Svagatam Induction Programme conducted by Nalanda Centre Director, Sis. Nandini Tan.

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21 January 2016

Induction course for parents

On Sunday 10 January, parents of newly-enrolled Dhamma School students and new-comers to Nalanda Centre were invited to attend the first session of ‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme conducted by Bro. Aggaphala Yap.  The six-session course aims to introduce Buddhist values, culture and etiquette to its participants.  It also aims to provide essential knowledge on how to live in accordance with Dhamma.

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8 January 2016

Spiritual camaraderie for hearty youths

Nalanda Youth Centre started the year with a lively gathering of new and old members last Sunday (3 January) for an induction programme.  The high-spirited youngsters had plenty of fun getting to know each other and strengthening their bonds of friendship.

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25 January 2015

‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme

On Sunday 11 January, devotees and parents were glad to attend a ‘welcoming’ Induction programme after the morning session of meditation, Pūja and chanting.  The 5-session programme aims to provide the essential knowledge on living in accordance with the Dhamma for the participants.

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