Parents learn to ‘Connect before Correct’

Parents learn to ‘Connect before Correct’

A joyful learning workshop as parents enhance their communications skills with the guidance of Bro. Aggaphala.

On Sunday 21 January, Nalanda Dhamma School organised a Parenting Workshop where parents explored how effective communication can develop a positive parent-child relationship, and strengthen children’s ability to learn independently.  Dhamma speaker and counsellor, Bro. Aggaphala Yap guided participants with interactive activities, group discussions and role-play to foster a collaborative learning experience.

The first step to connect with our children is to understand and address their emotional needs.  It is important for parents to acknowledge when children do things right, instead of generalising frequent mistakes they make.  When children feel that they are being accepted and understood, it is easier to encourage them to adopt a growth mindset and higher initiative in learning.

Bro Aggaphala acknowledges fathers for being more involved in children’s education nowadays.

Parents shared their ways of communicating with their children.

Parents exchange experiences and common concerns.

Discussions to further deepen their learning.

Parents practicing their newly acquired skills in a role-play of real life scenario

This process which requires much patience and compassion from parents will build a strong connection for guidance and correction to be more effective.  With newfound confidence, parents felt more equipped with strategies to create a nurturing and supportive home environment.  We thank Bro. Aggaphala Yap and the organising team for providing this learning platform, as well as rejoice over parents’ diligent efforts in establishing family well-being.

Sis. Ng Chwee Fang hosted the workshop.

Participants asked questions eagerly.

Parents thank their partners for giving each other opportunity to learn in this workshop

Dhamma School Director Sis. See Hui Shien presented a token of appreciation to Bro. Aggaphala.

The session started with Taking the Five Precepts and completed with sharing of merits.