Patience fosters peace of mind

Those with little remorse gain better progress in their spiritual journey.

In Dhammapada verse 184, the Buddha cited that the best moral practice is patience and forbearance.  Known as ‘khanti’ in Pāli, patient forbearance is motivated by wholesome desire for not only peace within, but also for the welfare of others.  One who cultivates patience lives with little hatred or remorse for others and lives harmoniously with the people around them.

To develop forbearance, it helps to make an aspiration of harmlessness towards all beings including ourselves.  Our intention of goodwill makes us more careful with our words and actions.  Allow anger to dissipate when facing a frustrating situation so that we can determine the best course of action with a level head.

Enhance our ability to forgive others by differentiating one’s unskilful action from their essential goodness; after all, imperfections exist in all of us.  After we try our best to help others or improve a situation, we should then accept things as they are.  In this way, we can live with serenity and enjoy the present moment by accepting both favourable and unfavourable aspects of life.