PBUPM students reflect on exam preparations

PBUPM students reflect on exam preparations

Venerable nuns relaying advice to the students as the exams near.

On Thursday 27 June, UPM Buddhist Society (PBUPM) members gathered at Nalanda Centre for their examination blessings ceremony.   Guided by Ven. Miao Dao and Ven. You Yue, the university students offered lights at the altar, and reflected on what they can do to mentally prepare for their examinations.

We wish our friends from UPM the best in your upcoming examinations.  With all your hard work to study and revise, just do your best with calmness and clarity.  Sukhihontu.

Making aspirations for smooth and successful examinations.

Welcoming the group.

Placing lights at the altar.

Discussions led by venerable nuns.

Discussions and activities for the students.