Peace & Harmony on ‘Buddha Day’

‘Buddha Day’ celebrations this year attracted thousands of devotees to Nalanda Centre to honour our great Teacher, the Buddha.  Although there were large numbers of people, everyone maintained peaceful minds in attending various Dhamma-learning programmes held over weeks.

This year’s ‘Buddha Day’ theme was “Living Compassionately towards Peace & Harmony”.  A community thrives because there is compassion for one another amongst its members.  This virtuous state of mind brings out the best in people; enabling them to feel uplifted and connected.  Hence, compassion brings peace into our hearts and harmony into our lives.

We invite you to watch this video of the recent ‘Buddha Day’ observance at Nalanda, and rejoice over the harmonious ways all the activities were carried out. We thank all teachers, members, volunteers and devotees for selflessly supporting and contributing towards a meaningful celebration!  Sadhu anumodana.