Poignant memorial service for tsunami casualties

Poignant memorial service for tsunami casualties

“We take from life all the time; but we seldom think that life will be taken from us.” – Bro. Tan.

On Thursday 25 December, a memorial service was held at Nalanda Centre to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami.  The calamity on that fateful day had impacted millions around the world. 

Referring to the Tsunami, Bro. Tan aptly spoke about the ‘Four Floods’ (‘ogha’) from the Anguttara Nikaya, namely the flood of sensual desires (kamogha), the flood of becoming (bhavogha), the flood of (wrong) views (ditthogha) and the flood of ignorance (avijjogha).  While the Tsunami killed many physically, these ‘Four Floods’ can kill many more spiritually.  We have to be diligent, and not negligent, in cultivating our wholesome actions, speech, thoughts and in establishing Right Views. 

Bro. Ajit (front) and Bro. Choong Li (back) leading chanting harmoniously.

Bro. Tan also reminded the congregation to recollect the wonderful spirit of humanity that emerged in the aftermath, which united volunteers worldwide in a massive effort of outreach and compassion for the victims of the Tsunami. 

Bro. Charlie and Sis. Mui Ching representing the congregation in transference of merits.

The memorial service was concluded with the chanting of ‘Karaniya-Metta Sutta’ and transference of merits.  May all beings be at Peace.  Sadhu!

A group photograph after chanting the “Karaṇīya-Metta Sutta” (Discourse on Loving-Kindness) at the training room of the annex building.