Preview of K. Sri Dhammananda Centre on Dhamma Day

Preview of K. Sri Dhammananda Centre on Dhamma Day

Paying respects to the Three Jewels in the Dhamma Teaching Hall at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Nalandians celebrated ‘Dhamma Day’ – the full-moon day for the month of Asalha – on Friday, 27 July with a joyful air and spiritual fervour. Devotees were delighted to have the opportunity to preview the soon-to-be-completed K. Sri Dhammananda Centre, located just across the road from Nalanda Centre.

The Tipitaka Procession from Nalanda Centre.

Nalandians and devotees making their way in a procession from Nalanda Centre to K. Sri Dhammananda Centre across the road.

The K. Sri Dhammananda Centre was formerly known as ‘Nalanda House’; it was used by Nalanda Dhamma School from January 2005 to August 2017. In September last year, the old building was demolished and in its place now grew a new facility that is much larger and able to cater for more people coming to learn Dhamma and meditation.

Making offerings at the Altar Table.

Bro.Tan welcoming everyone to the new Centre.

The new centre is 98% completed, with only the glass canopy and electrical appliances left to be installed. It is scheduled to be handed over by the contractors to Nalanda this Thursday. Sadhu!

The architect, civil engineer, and Nalanda officers at the preview of the new Centre.