Progressing together at Members’ Day

Progressing together at Members’ Day

Sis. Evelyn thanked everyone for their participation and support in the programmes held thus far in 2019.

On 29 September, Nalanda members from Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur Branches gathered to encourage one another to strengthen our Dhamma practice in the monthly Members’ Day.  Founder Bro. Tan was invited to address the gathering, where he updated members on the development of Wisdom Park.

Bro. Tan advised members that real progress should not be measure by how much we have or own.  We can afford to buy many things, but we actually need very little.  Real progress is developing contentment, modesty, and inner-strength.  We should use whatever we have to invest in goodness and do what we can to be of good service to others.

Bro. Tan reminded us to bring out the better part of us, especially when we work with others.

Members’ Day commence with offerings of light and water to the Three Jewels.

Youth Leader Bro. Ajit thanking members for their trust and support to the Youth Centre.

Bro. Tan also reminded members that those who practise the Dhamma with discipline and work together in harmony, bring joy and progress to society.  To achieve this, we must put aside our pride and ego, and embody the spirit of ‘samaggi’ (working in unison and harmony) when we work with others towards a common goal.

Thank you Nalandians for attending this gathering, and for your dedication to serve Buddha-Sāsana.  It was another fruitful Members’ Day with opportunities to learn, reflect, and to improve ourselves as individuals and as a community.