Qualities for a noble life

Qualities for a noble life

“When we should loosen our pride and conceit, it is easier to connect and learn from others.”

On 29 September, Bro. Tan Siang Chye delivered a Dhamma talk on humility and modesty.  Modesty is the outward sign of a truly humble person, who lives a simple life, without the need for status or the urge to be higher than others.  Pride, conceit and arrogance are the opposites of these qualities.  These unwholesome traits trap people in prisons of their own creation, and prevent them from progressing on the Noble Eightfold Path.

Mindfulness is a way for us to remove these internal barriers and develop modesty.  By being aware of how our minds are behaving, we can continually check and train our minds to recognise and reduce the defilements of craving, aversion and ignorance.  When we let go of our pride, our false sense of self is weakened.  Humility and modesty will then open our hearts up for greater learning and progress in the Dhamma.

The service starts with a short mediation sitting for everyone to calm their minds.

The congregation make offerings to the Three Jewels in unison.

Every Sunday, devotees spend a wholesome morning with meditation, offerings and chanting.

It is also important to develop respect for ourselves.  We should respect our ability to achieve noble goals.  This self-respect leads to confidence, which enables us to walk the Path on our own and gradually become free from doubt.  We thank Bro. Siang Chye for giving us a deeper understanding of these two qualities for us to reflect on.