Reopening of Srivijaya Seminar Hall today

Wonderful Dhamma lessons have been held at the Seminar Hall over the years.

Dear friends, we are happy to announce that the Srivijaya Seminar Hall at Level 3 of Nalanda Centre is reopened today!  After being closed 2 months for renovations, the Seminar Hall is being used for the first time since August for the Nalanda Members’ Day this afternoon.  We would like to thank our benefactors, contractors, and all Nalandians for your kind contributions and well-wishes.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We rejoice at the reopening!

The Srivijaya Seminar Hall is often used to host congregations on Wesak 'Buddha Day', Asalha 'Dhamma Day', and the 'Sangha Day' robes offering ceremony. It is also used for Nalanda Institute's Convocation Ceremonies, seminars, and Dhamma talks.