Cultivating a respectful attitude

Bro. Benny reminded us that a respectful attitude starts in our mind and the intentions which it hold.

On 3 March, Bro. Benny Liow gave a Dhamma talk on ‘Cultivating Respect’ at Nalanda Centre.  In Latin, re spectum means ‘to look more carefully’.  Thus, to respect someone is to know them better, to look at their good qualities, and where appropriate, to honour those qualities.  The Buddha said that the ability to give respect is in itself a great blessing.

Referring to the Gārava Sutta (SN 6.2), Bro. Benny reminded us that we should always reflect on the virtues and characteristics of the Three Jewels.  This inspires much respect for our spiritual refuge, and guides us on the Dhamma path.  Citing the Sigālovāda Sutta (DN 31), he explained the ways in which we should give reciprocal respect and support towards our parents, teachers, spouse, friends, children, employers and workers as taught by the Buddha.

Devotees clarified their doubts after the talk.

Devotees formed groups to discuss how they can further practise the value of respect in their lives.

We thank Bro. Benny for the insightful Dhamma sharing.  Let us be consistent and mindful to always have respect for the Three Jewels, our teachers, family, friends and all beings.