‘Sāmaggī’ spirit creates thriving community

‘Sāmaggī’ spirit creates thriving community

Sis. Sandy giving a Dhamma sharing on the spirit of 'Sāmaggī'.

Sis. Sandy giving a Dhamma talk on the spirit of concord – ‘Sāmaggī’.

On Sunday 24 January, Sis. Sandy Lim gave a Dhamma sharing on Sāmaggī (concord).  Sāmaggī is crucial because when there is harmony and unity in a community, it will grow strong and prosper, and there will be peace and goodwill for all to enjoy.

To illustrate the importance of Sāmaggī, in the Sammodamana Jātaka, it tells of the parable of the quarreling quails, and how a flock of quails, led by a wise leader, were able to escape the hunter’s net when they worked in unison.  But when there was discord and ill will between the birds and they foolishly refused to work together, they became easy prey for the hunter.  The Buddha taught that “… such a thing as a quarrel among kinsfolk is unseemly; quarreling leads only to destruction”. ~ Sammodamana Jātaka.

Devotees listening to Sis. Sandy's Dhamma sharing on the importance of concord and harmony.

Devotees listening to Sis. Sandy’s Dhamma sharing on the importance of concord and harmony.

Clearly, Sāmaggī is the glue which binds a thriving community and keeps it safe and strong.  We thank Sis. Sandy for her insightful Dhamma sharing and wise reflection.  Sadhu anumodana!