Sangha Day B.E. 2566


‘Sangha Day’ is an important occasion at Nalanda for the lay community to honour the virtues and contributions of the Māha Sangha (monastic order) in preserving and propagating Buddhism.  Devotees express gratitude to monks and nuns who strive diligently in practising the Dhamma, and teaching it for the benefit of mankind.

After two years of on-line commemorations, we joyfully invite you to join the Sangha Day B.E. 2566 Observance at Nalanda Centre on Sunday, 13 November.  On this occasion, we can offer robes, requisites, or donate towards the Sangha Fund for their educational and supportive needs.

For your convenience, robes and requisites can be obtained at Nalanda by registering here or contacting our Office at 03-8938 1500.  You may also contribute towards the Sangha Fund.  We welcome you and your loved ones to participate in this auspicious and wholesome activity.  With our support, may the Sangha live happily, and may the Buddha-Sāsanā long endure!