‘Sangha Day’ – Robes-offering & Sanghika Dāna

‘Sangha Day’ – Robes-offering & Sanghika Dāna

We welcome everyone to Nalanda Centre for this wholesome, annual event.

‘Sangha Day’ is an important occasion at Nalanda for the lay community to honour the virtues and contributions of the Māha Sangha (monastic order) in preserving and propagating Buddhism.  It is also an opportunity for devotees to express gratitude and to support Sangha members by offering robes, requisites, funds for their medical care and education, etc.

We welcome you together with family and friends to participate in this noble observance of ‘Sangha Day’ on Sunday 9 November, at Nalanda Centre.  The day’s programme is as follows:

09.00 am  –  Meditation, Pūja and Chanting
09.30 am  –  Dhamma Talk by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama
10.30 am  –  Offering of robes and requisites
11.30 am  –   Sanghika Dāna – Offering of Noon meal
12.00 pm  –  Luncheon for Devotees


If you wish to offer robes, requisites or donate towards the Sangha Fund (for medical and educational expenses of monks and nuns), kindly call Sis. Ruby at 03-8938 1500 for the arrangements.  We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones at Nalanda Centre for this wholesome event.  All are welcome!

NOTE : Dates of ‘Sangha Day’ :

At Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang – Sunday, 9 November, 9am – 12pm
At NEO Centre, Happy Garden, KL – Sunday, 23 November, 9am – 12pm