School holiday stay-In programmes

School holiday stay-In programmes

Students responding with enthusiasm to quiz questions on the Dhamma.

From 24 – 26 November and 8 – 10 December, two stay-in programmes were conducted for teenagers from Nalanda Dhamma School Sri Serdang.  Both programmes were held with the objectives of preparing students for their Dharma School examinations – the Majjhima and Nalanda examinations.  These examinations are conducted annually to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills in chanting, doctrines, verses from the Dhammapada, and Buddhist culture.

As part of the programme, interactive activities such as discussions, spontaneous quizzes, Dhamma sharing, reflections, drama performances and outings were held to heighten the student’ learning experiences.  Students also cultivated their Buddhist devotional and cultural practice through chanting, meditation and having communal meals.  Housekeeping chores were performed to keep the place clean and conducive for learning.

Taking chanting into the gardens can be a refreshing experience.

The two stay-in programmes enabled students to deepen their ‘kalyāna mittatā’ (spiritual friendship) and ‘saddha’ (faith) in the Dhamma.  It was indeed joyful to spend the school holidays in fruitful ways and constantly practising the Dhamma.  We wish all students all the best in their examinations!

Bāhu saccañ ca sippañ ca
Etaṃ maṅgala-muttamaṃ
This is Blessing Supreme.

Students doing walking meditation to calm their senses.