Service Sunday at NEO Centre Johor Bahru

Service Sunday chanting led by Sis. Angie Ng and Sis. Ann Yap.

On 18 and 19 January, Bro. Tan visited NEO Centre Johor Bahru and gave 2 insightful Dhamma talks over the weekend.  It was his first visit to Johor since September 2013, and devotees were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet him and discuss the Dhamma.  Also participating in the 2 sessions were our friends from Metta Lodge JB and Singapore.

Bro. Tan spoke about the different categories of happiness, and how to achieve them.

In the first talk on Saturday, Bro. Tan clarified the purpose of Buddhist practice, and spoke about ‘what is the Path and what is not the Path’.  In short, the Buddhist Path is a gradual course of moral and mental purification.  On Sunday, Bro. Tan spoke about different categories of happiness, and how to achieve them.  However the Buddha’s teaching is to attain to the happiness that is ‘unchanging, non-depreciating, and permanent’.

It was indeed a fruitful weekend spent learning and discussing the Dhamma with good companions.  Bro. Tan’s next scheduled visit to Johor Bahru is in March.

Devotees reflecting on the purpose of consuming food before tucking into their lunch.