Signboard installed for NEO Centre KL

Visitors will surely not miss the new signboard in Nalanda's bright orange.

On Thursday 16 April, a new lightbox signboard was put up at Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Happy Garden.  It was installed just in time for Wesak celebrations barely two weeks away then.  With such visible signage in conspicuous bright orange (Nalanda’s official colour), NEO Centre KL may just turn out to be a new local navigational landmark!

Incidentally, 16 April was also a significant anniversary for Nalanda Buddhist Society as 12 years ago, the Buddha-Altar at the first Nalanda Sri Serdang Centre was consecrated, marking the beginning of Nalanda as a Dhamma education and propagation establishment.  Nalanda KL Branch Management Committee wishes to record our appreciation to the contractor for putting up our signboard.  Thank you!