Silver Lining Day with Mon children

Silver Lining Day with Mon children

Silver Lining Day is a wholesome day spent amongst good friends in selfless service.

On Sunday 27 October, Nalanda Youth Centre volunteers visited the Mon Refugee Children Learning Centre at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.  The annual Silver Lining Day programme is an avenue for youths to offer their service for the community and strengthen fellowship amongst these young volunteers.

At the Centre, the youths and children meditated and chanted together to start the day.  Various activities followed including a Dhamma sharing on the importance of keeping the Five Precepts.  The values of teamwork and cooperation were also introduced during the experiential group games.

A short meditation session to clear and calm their minds.

The youths patiently taught the children a new English song.

The youths had fun learning the Mon national song from the children.

Bro. Zhen Shun shared on the importance of keeping the Five Precepts.

Everyone enjoyed the hands-on group games which involved teamwork and cooperation.

The children presenting their group’s work.

The children welcomed pizza for lunch, a rare treat for them.

Youths respectfully presenting requisites to the resident monks at the learning centre.

The youths and children had built bonds of friendship by the end of the event.

A big ‘Thank you’ to the Mon Refugee Children Learning Centre, volunteers and benefactors for your support!

Volunteers shared that they were inspired by the children’s attitude of gratitude and contentment.  We thank our youthful volunteers for this wholesome event and inspiring the children through Dhamma.  We also extend our appreciation to all donors who contributed resources, basic necessities and educational materials for the learning centre.  Thank you!