Sixth Monthly Pindacāra

Sixth Monthly Pindacāra

3 November 2012

Monks going on alms-round is gradually becoming a familiar scene at the Taman O.U.G. morning market.

The day dawned calm and clear, beautiful weather for the monthly Pindacāra at Taman O.U.G. morning market.  We were privileged to host 38 devotees from Gandharama Vihara, Kuala Terengganu, who joined us on this meritorious occasion.

When we arrived, there were already people waiting patiently to offer food to the monks.  Despite the usual flurry of activity that one might expect in a market, there was also an air of tranquillity in the composed manner that the devotees made their offerings.  Their devotion and faithfulness was a glorious sight to behold!

Devotees offering food with mindfulness and joy

Bro. Ananda Fong, Director of Pustaka Nalanda, gave a Dhamma sharing at the NEO Centre upon the completion of the alms-round.  He discussed the significance of Kathina, which literally means ‘wooden frame’, used by monks to sew robes.  Symbolically, it also means strong faith in understanding of the Dhamma.

During Vassa or ‘rains retreat’, monks learn and practise the Dhamma diligently for three months.  Taking up residence in one place, they also teach the Dhamma for the well-being of all.  At the end of this intensive training period, the laity shows their support for the Sangha by offering food and other material requisites.  During the act of offering, our intention should not be to offer to any particular monk.  Instead, we carry the noble frame of mind to offer to the whole Sangha community, which include the Ariya Sangha, the lineage from the Buddha’s time.