Special Memorial Service for MH370

We welcome you to participate in this Special Service to honour the victims of MH370.

8 March 2015 marks the 1st anniversary of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370′s mysterious disappearance over the Indian Ocean, with 239 passengers and crew on board.  We invite everyone to participate in a Special Memorial Service dedicated to the victims of this tragedy.  Let us be united in our compassion and generate thoughts of mettā (loving-kindness) to the grieving families.

The 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. programme includes pūja, chanting and a Dhamma talk by Venerable Seelananda Thero.  Ven. Seelananda is the Deputy Abbot of Bhāvanā Society, West Virginia, U.S.A.  Currently on a Dhammaduta tour in Malaysia, we are indeed blessed and grateful that the Venerable has accepted our invitation to Nalanda Centre.

We invite you to offer lunch dāna (offering of alms-food) to Ven. Seelananda after the talk.  Looking forward to welcoming you at Nalanda this Sunday!