Special Pilgrimage for Nalandians

Special Pilgrimage for Nalandians

Pilgrimage to India & Nepal, 2016.

Experience a spiritual and enlightening journey through sacred Buddhist sites in India and Nepal.

Good news for Nalanda members and long-term volunteers!  This December, Nalanda is organizing a pilgrimage to India and Nepal, to be led by our founder-teacher, Bro Tan.  This journey of Dhamma discovery will begin at Bodhgaya – the sacred spot where the Buddha attained Enlightenment 2,640 years ago – and continue on to Rajagaha, Nalanda, Vesali, Kusinara, Lumbini, Kapilavatthu, and Varanasi.

The pilgrimage will take place from 16 December (for Nalandians from Serdang, KL and JB) or 17 December (for SP members), and end on 30 December.

Members and long-term volunteers who are interested to participate in this educational and inspiring pilgrimage have to register with the Management Office in Sri Serdang by Sunday, 17 April.  Kindly send in your passport photograph page containing your name, passport number, and passport issue/expiry dates, together with a deposit of RM2,500.

Nalandians, don’t miss this great opportunity to fulfill our once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience of tracing the Buddha’s footsteps with one of the best guides to India and Nepal.