Special Prayers in Serdang and JB for Victims of MH370

Bro.Tan gave a short teaching on the Buddhist response to this tragedy at NEO Centre Johor Bahru.

Nalandians gathered on 8-10 March for pūja and chanting to share merits with the casualties of flight MH370 that went missing, and which presumably crashed into sea.  The flight was a routine one from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.  At this juncture, the circumstances surrounding the tragedy remain unclear.

At Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang and NEO Centre Johor Bahru, special prayers were also held to invoke blessings for the victims of the tragedy, their families and loved ones.  Deputy President Bro. Lee Teck Beng presided over the pūja in Sri Serdang, while Bro. Tan led the one in Johor Bahru.

Chanting was led by Bro. Choong Li at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.

We invite Nalandians everywhere and all of you reading this to spare a moment and radiate kind thoughts to all those affected by this tragic event.  May everyone find strength, and remain at peace.