Spending Deepavali Holiday Wholesomely

Spending Deepavali Holiday Wholesomely

Dharma School boys vacuuming the old floor carpet tiles to be reused in the annex building.

While youngsters nowadays relish at the prospect of ‘sleeping in’ on a public holiday, many Nalanda youths and Dharma School students answered the call to service instead on the recent Deepavali public holiday.  The young Nalandians got up early on Wednesday, and arrived at Nalanda Centre ready to do clean-up.  The ‘cleaning session’ was called by the office to tidy up Levels 2 and 3 in preparation for many upcoming activities at the end of October.

Level 3 of Nalanda Centre was a busy place with all kinds of cleaning going on.

The young Nalandians took to their assigned tasks with gusto, and some worked the full-day from 9am to 5pm!  Their help was truly timely and significant as Nalanda Centre will be hosting several visiting groups beginning Saturday.  Besides youths, adult Nalandians also came as usual to help in repair and maintenance, washing, gardening, etc.  More than 30 Nalandians had a great and wholesome time cleaning up the Centre, and experiencing the joy that comes with a job well-done.  Sadhu anumodana, and thank you!

Happy Nalandian youths and Dharma School students posing in front of Nalanda Centre.